Do North Face Jackets Shrink in the Wash?

Are you wondering if your North Face jackets will shrink in the wash? As the cold weather approaches, it's important to keep your high-quality winter gear in top shape.

To ensure your TNF coats always look and fit as good as new, it's crucial to know how to clean them properly. Different custom-logo North Face jackets have different washing instructions, so always check the care instructions on the garment to avoid any damage or shrinking when washing.

Remember, garment shrinking typically happens during drying. Knowing how to dry North Face jackets is just as important as washing them. The washing and drying instructions can be found on the tag inside the jackets.

If you want to dry your North Face jacket without shrinking it, tumble dry it for a longer period of time without heat. You can also add tennis balls or dryer balls to prevent the down from clumping.

For those looking for machine-washable options, we have a selection of corporate The North Face jackets that meet that criteria.

Our custom waterproof The North Face Men's TNF Black Castle Rock Soft Shell Jacket is perfect for outdoor activities. Made from 100% polyester with a wind-resistant and water-repellent finish, it's durable and versatile. With a full-zip front, it's easy to layer and adapt to changing temperatures.

For extra insulation and warmth, our Corporate The North Face Men's Medium Grey Heather Sweater Fleece Jacket is a great choice. Its cozy yet relaxed fit allows for easy movement, making it ideal for busy work days. To wash this fleece jacket, use a mild detergent in a cold cycle and air-dry it. Remember to fasten any Velcro, close zippers, and turn the jacket inside out before washing.

Stay prepared for the cold weather with the perfect North Face jacket that will last you for seasons to come.